Historical information

Florence Amanda Lake (1870-1946) was the daughter of John and Jane LAKE. Following her husband’s death, Jane married George ROLFE of ‘Lyndoch', Warrnambool. After his death Florence remained at 'Lyndoch' until moving to Melbourne in later life. Florence was noted for her charity and philanthropy. This memorial was presented by Mr George Webb of Camperdown. Florence Lake is buried in the St Kilda General Cemetery.


Florence Lake was very loyal and generous parishioner of Christ Church and the Parish of Warrnambool and in the city generally. The association with George Rolfe and 'Lyndoch' is historically important.

Physical description

Mosaic set into blind window alcove, south wall, sanctuary, main nave. Plain white cross outlined with gold and set against a blue opus sectile mosaic on a biscuit coloured tile background bordered with stylised vine leaves and grapes.

Inscriptions & markings

To the Glory of God, in Memory of Florence Lake