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Book. The Walsh Papers. - The Walsh Papers

From the Collection of Ballan Shire Historical Society 45-47 Steiglitz St Ballan Victoria

A soft covered book, ivory in colour. Printed on the cover is - "The Walsh Papers. Edited: J.L.Turner. Memoirs of the early settlement of Western Victoria and, in particular, Ballan Shire: 1830 -1875. Written and compiled by James Henry Walsh (1863 -1930) of Ballan."
The back cover is a full page sepia photograph of James Walsh (head and shoulders only) and the printed number "ISBN 0 95599911 1 5".
Book No.106. 312 pages.
29 cm H x 20.5 cm W x 2.2 cm D
Object Registration
VBSH 01097
walsh james henry, ballan memoirs, turner j l, ballan history
Historical information
The former Shire of Ballan commissioned this work which ties in with the formation and early years of the Ballan Shire Historical Society.
It is a collection of articles, works and memoirs written and compiled by James Henry Walsh, an early resident of Ballan, that have been edited for publication by James Turner.
The book contains maps and photographs and is fully indexed.
It is considered by some to be the foremost reference work on the history of Ballan.
When Made
Made By
N.S. Hudson Publishing Services Pty Ltd (Printer)
The book is significant as it is a comprehensive collection covering the history of Ballan.
It is a limited edition and now out of print.
Inscriptions & Markings
The book bears the stamp of the Ballan Shire Historical Society and the handwritten marking "Receipt P.1."
Book No.106 and Reg No. (VC) 00909 in pencil.
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