Historical information

This is a portrait of the young, clear-eyed Mary Norman (later Mary Norman-Bail) in 1908. Her glasses and costume put her directly in that early 20C era. She was an educator and artist, in Ararat and Warrnambool.


This is one of a collection of several hundred photos, books, documents and teaching aids donated to Langi Morgala Museum by Jessica Norman-Bail (or by her estate). Almost all the collection relates to Jessica's mother, the photographer, artist and educator Mary Norman-Bail, and to Mary Norman-Bail's Pathfinder School, which was located in Ararat for several years in the first half of the twentieth century. In total, the Norman-Bail collection provides an illuminating picture of the unique Pathfinder school, though much of the collection is yet to be analysed. The Langi Morgala Norman-Bail collection is of local signficance; but further research into the collection, and into Norman-Bail's work and ideas, may enhance the significance further.

Physical description

A lovely, clear portrait of the young Mary Norman (later Mary Norman-Bail) taken in January 1908. It is signed by the subject, and further details have been added on the back of the photo, in the same or similar hand. Although the cardboard backing is spotted and damaged by adhesive, the photo itself relatively undamaged, and the features and details are clear.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription: in longhand on the front: "Yours Truly / Mary Norman"; in longhand on the back: "MP Norman when at / Echuca taken in January / 1908"