Historical information

William Bateman Snr was born to parents Daniel Bateman and Patience Wilkinson in Bradford, Yorkshire, England in approx. 1794.
He married Sarah Smith on 20th November 1815 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England.
They had four children – Patience (Born abt 1817), Daniel (born abt 1819) William (born abt 1831) & James (born abt 1837)all born in England.
William Snr and Sarah Bateman and two sons – William and James - arrived in Australia in approx 1853. They brought with them considerable capital/stock and bought into a business in Warrnambool in William Jnr’s name. Bateman & Co rapidly became the largst mercantile business in the area and did rather extensive business with the Banks of Victoria and Australiasia. It is thought that William Snr assisted in the business to some extent, expecially financially. His other son Daniel (who remained in England) is also thought to have had a financial interest in the business as a dormant partner. The business was so prominent, Bateman & Co issued round copper tokens as a Trade Token - value one penny. These were inscribed with the Business name and were limited in their use to the business. In Sept 1856 the business was transferred to a Mr. Thos W. Sellars (nephew of William Bateman Jnr) and shortly afterwards the store closed with an order for the sequestration of the insolvents estate, but was not made absolute until December 1856 when the Insolvency court ruled for the “compulsory sequestration” of the business due to fraudulent activities within the business. But in the meantime in early November fire completely destroyed the business which left only the insurance payouts.
Both William Bateman Snr and William Bateman Jnr are listed on the Pioneers’ Honour Board in the foyer of the Warrnambool Library. It is reported William Bateman Jnr was a trustee of Christ Church, was a City Councillor, and was involved in many other community organisations. He also subscribed towards the cost of building a permanent Church which was opened in 1856.
William Bateman Snr died in Warrnambool on 30/03/1868 and his wife Sarah died in August 1868.
William Bateman Jnr presented to Christ Church, stained glass windows in memory of his parents William & Sarah Bateman.
William Bateman Jnr died in June 1913.

Physical description

Four stained glass windows, three lancet and one circular. The theme of the lancet windows depicts the three occasions when the apostles Peter, James and John were Jesus' sole attendants: The raising of Jairus' daughter. On the Mount of Transfiguration. In the Garden of Gethsemane. The circular window in the gable of the wall represents "The Enthroned Christ".