Historical information

Both images are associated with Ellie Campbell.

James and Bridget Martin were early settlers at Spring Hill. All their children attended the Ballarat School of Mines.

Physical description

.1) A black and white image of Spring Hill near Creswick, glued into a thick card with a gold gilt edge.

.2) Martin family house at Subiaco Hill, Western Australia. Brick house built by Corby Statford Cambell, Elly Campbell's father.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) Written in blue pen on front of photograph 'Spring Hill near Creswick - Victoria'
Taped onto back 'Farmland allotted to James George Martin in c1849. He took his bride, Bridget Hyde (19 years old) by bullock dray from St James Church, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne to this new allotment - 10 children born there - William, Robert, Samuel, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emily, Mary (died 2 months old mother also died). J.G.M. moved to Ballarat - attended Dawson Street Baptist Church. Here he married a widow with 2 sons, Mrs ____. Her 2 sons were born, George and Charles (was in USA) . Children all attended School of Mines, Ballarat

.2) On yellow sticky label with photo - "Family home Subiace Rd Subiac WA. Builtby Statford Campbell, Elly's fayher. Now Coppin St.