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1930s Blackburn Cricket Club team

From the Collection of Blackburn Cricket Club 1 Central Rd Blackburn Victoria

Picture of a 1930 Blackburn CC team. The picture is taken at the northern end of the oval with the pine trees along the railway line in the background. Twelve players and two other gentlemen in full suits are pictured and there appears to be a mix of young and middle aged men. Two players (front row third from right and second row far right) appear to be wearing the same jumper in full sleeve and vest form respectively while two other players are wearing similar jumpers and another two wearing plain versions. The caps being worn by two gentlemen appear to be identical. Thirteen original signatures and the year are signed on the paper mat to which the picture is glued. The signatures appear to be signed using a fountain pen however another name (David Murray) appears to have been added using a pencil at a later date. Some of the signatures include D Cook, H.M Wilson, G.A Jorgood, C.G Williams, Rliekle, S Mackinlay and L.A Warne. Les Warne played in the 1st XI at Blackburn from 1930 to 1955 and was the captain of the 1938-39 premiership winning team. Les recieved a life membership in 1953.
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