Historical information

On 19 May 1908 authority was given for the formation of the 'Australian Volunteer Automibile Corps'. This Corps was disbanded in 1916, but during its short life it proved to be the forerunner, but not the ancestor, of the present day Royal Australian Armoured Corps. During World War 1 the first Australian armoured car despatched to the war was manned by volunteers of this Corps.
On 1 July 1929 the 19th Light Horse (Yarrowee Light Horse) ceased to be maintained. In 1935 the 19th Light Horse (Armoured Car) Regiment became the 1st Armoured Car Regiment (Wimmera Regiment) forming part of the 2nd Cavalry Division with detachments at Horsham, Nhill, Dimboola, Rupanyip and Murtoa.

Physical description

Electroplated nickel silver tray, oblong with bowed sides. Tray patterned with concentric striations. 14.5 cm elliptical space in centre containing inscriptions.

Inscriptions & markings

A Sqn, B Sqn, C Sqn 1934."

On back: Hallmark - G 712 6 pointed star containing "8" over boomerang. EPNS S&S