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Brown hard covered book of 257 pages published in 1882. Includes a line drawing of William Henderson.

If. and What? is twelve lectures on the foundations of Christian Theism. The lectures are:
1. God and World - One or Two
2. Possibility of a Scientific Theism
3. Aetiology, or origin of cause
4. Teleology, or Source of Purpose
5. Theology of the conscience, or Fountain of Morality
6. Ontology, or God as Supreme Being
7. origins of Religion
8. Self- Limitation of the Infinite
9. God as father
10. The Divine Infinite and the Divine Love
11. God in Christ
12 Alpha and Omega

The last paragraph of the preface states:
"If this little book of mine can only show that theology has nothing to fear from all the science that is going, thal all true theologeans are just as eager as their neighbours to learn all that science has to teach them, in assurance that it will only make the foundations of their faith more stable and secure in the end, then it will not have been given to the world in vain. sic prosit."

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Signed on title page "James Henderson"