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From the Collection of Red Cliffs Military Museum Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs Victoria

Triangular shaped bandage of calico material with multiple printed diagrams showing how to use item. Indicates base edge as well as sides and point
135.5cm L, 64cm
Object Registration
Historical information
Bandage used by Maggie Walker while attending First Aid Training during World War One approximately 1916 while her fiance Thomas Bishop was serving overseas. They married after the war. This bandage remained in the Bishop family for many years and was treasured.

This would have been fairly standard equipment in first aid training. Probably had an associated instruction card that explained the numbers on each method of using the bandage as printed on the bandage.
Made By
St John Ambulance Association (Maker)
Inscriptions & Markings
Printed on top point the St John Ambulance Association Star "THE ST JOHN AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION"

"M.W." written in permanent pen on edge
Last updated
3 Mar 2017 at 10:11AM