Historical information

Laura and Bernard Ashley began printing fabric in their London kitchen in 1953. Commencing with head scarves and place-mats they gradually developed table-ware and bed sheets. In 1960 they entered the Fashion world with blouses and smocks . The ‘swinging sixties’ saw them in great demand for the feminine florals and flounces of the ‘maxi’ fashions and they opened in smart South Kensington, London. In 1970 they opened franchises in Australia, Canada, Japan, San Francisco that sold their range of fabrics, dresses and accessories. In 1980 home furnishings were added to the range. Laura died in an accident 1985, Bernard retired in1993 and the company is now Public Listed on Stock Exchange.


‘Laura Ashley’ clothing, fabric and accessories were very popular in Melbourne in 1970’s.

Physical description

A lady’s white cotton half petticoat with crocheted flounce,

Inscriptions & markings

Laura Ashley Pty Ltd