Historical information

James Jones was the son of Philip Jones, a Chairmaker, and Ann Jones who settled in East Brighton after the sale of land c1852 in the area of the Henry Dendy Special Survey of 1841. Mary Ann Moore was the daughter of Thomas Moore, a Gardener, and Sarah Harris who also settled in Brighton c1852. James and Mary Ann Jones settled and raised their family in East Brighton now Bentleigh. Mr John Herron resided at 4 Vickery St Bentleigh until 1989. Sadly Martha Jones born 1888 died in 1890 and James Jones had to purchase a plot at Brighton General Cemetery for her burial. Baby Ethel May was interred in 1893 and another baby in 1900 then Mary Ann in 1903 and James in 1940


James Jones and Mary Ann Moore were born in Brighton c1857 and c 1859 into pioneer market gardener families in the area of the Dendy Special Survey of 1841. They married in 1883 and raised their family in East Brighton, now Bentleigh. Sadly infectious diseases took the lives of many infants throughout the Colony of Victoria due to the poor state of water supply and sewerage disposal and locally the swamps of the Elster Creek were a constant breeding ground. Martha Jones born 1888 died 1890 and was interred in Brighton General Cemetery in a family plot purchased by her father James Jones. In 1893 another daughter Ethel May died and was buried in the family plot.

Physical description

An original paper receipt No. 3454 for payment on 23 March 1893 by James Jones to Brighton General Cemetery of £1 . 1s
For the burial of baby Ethel May Jones in a plot 4 feet x 8 feet, in the Wesleyan section portion 199 compartment G.
Fee was for reopening the grave he had purchased in 1890 for the burial of his daughter Martha, aged 2 years .

Inscriptions & markings

BRIGHTON GENERAL CEMETERY / 3454 ( stamped) / 23 March 1893 ( hand written ) / Received from Mr James Jones ( hand written ) / the sum of £1 . 1s being the following / charges in Wesleyan (hand written) / Portion No, 199 compt.G Name of / deceased Ethel May Jones ( handwritten) / for re-opening grave internment recent ( hand written) £1 . 1s /
Signed S Simmonds ( ?manager)
Along left side of receipt is printed SOUTHERN CROSS PRINT, BRIGHTON