Historical information

Schools of this era were very proud of their identity. This was particularly so in country based ones. Schools in isolated or semi isolated regions provided social cohesion and pride and community involvement that was not so inherent in schools located in larger cities. The exception here being the Greater Public Schools.


This badge was worn by a local girl, who has the spirit shown by many pupils from the Mount Beauty High School that the identity of belonging to a Kiewa Valley High School is a treasured part of life for them in this regional area.

Physical description

Mount Beauty High School badge made of brass. The front is coloured enamel depicting a scene of sky, mountains, grass and river. It is surrounded on four sides by the words Excelsior, Mount Beauty, High, School. The outside edges are decorated with gold colored ferns

Inscriptions & markings

Excelsior, School, Mount Beauty, High
On flip side K. G. Luke Melb.