Historical information

Roland Robinson was born in County Clare Ireland 1912 and brought to Australia when 9 years old. He became a nature poet and writer. In 1946 he lived with a tribe of Aborigines around the Roper River, NT and began to record the myths as told to him by his indigenous friends. He continued these conversations and recording in 1954 in Central Australia and in 60's in New South Wales. The Sydney Morning Herald review 1966, states " (he) is a literary catalyst between the Aboriginal storyteller and ............. Australian reading public"


Written prior to the successful Australian Referendum 1968 Aboriginal Rights the book gives the reader an insight and explanation of Aboriginal history and beliefs. The author hoped that his writings would help with the general acceptance of Aborigines as ' fellow human- beings, or citizens '. It is therefore a significant book of its time as pressure was put on all Australians to acknowledge the rights of equal citizenship for Aborigines / Indigenous people

Physical description

Paperback book 1967 edition of a collection of stories of Aboriginal myths by Roland Robinson.

Inscriptions & markings

' aboriginal / myths and legends' / Roland Robinson.
Front cover design by Janis Peterson, with central painting photographed by Photographic Library of Australia
monogram of 'Sun Books Melbourne' in top right corner