Historical information

The historical documented account of the first winter traverse from Mt Hotham across Mt Bogong. The extreme winter conditions of the region was a barrier for all except the three pioneers of this expedition.


This book details the the determination and true spirit of the Australian psyche to overcome extreme hardships and have the endurance to fulfill an adventure in the early 1900's.

Physical description

A photo copy of a black spiral bound book written in 1933 covering the memoirs and photos of only the first (at the time of writing) winter climbing of Mount Bogong in1932. It was written by Jack K.Tulloh (a journalist), E.C. Robinson and W.D. Bertram. This book was photocopied and rebound for the 60th anniversary of the climb.

Inscriptions & markings

The Climbing Of Bogong Mountain 1932. First page author's dedication: To Bill from Jack 17/2/1933. Second page address: To jack Eddie & Bill " In recognition of your epic journey 50 years ago"
John, Helen, David, Iain, Andrew & Hamish, also written in freestyle underneath and in brackets "Bertrams all" underneath signed by Gwen Tulloh, Barbara Betram and Ann Robinson The third page written in free hand " Inscribed by those who lunched9WELL0 on the golden anniversary of the trip 17/8/82. Next to a photo of the three climbers their signatures.