Historical information

History of the Ballarat Teachers, College as outlined on page 9 of the handbook.
Ballarat Teachers' College was opened on may 4th, 1926, at Dana Street State School (no 33), with an enrollment of sixty-one students, its original staff consisted of the Principal, Mr W. H. Ellwood, M.A., M.Ed. (Chairman of the Teachers' tribunal from its inception in 1946 until 1954), Miss A. Bouchier, B.A., and Mr A.B. Jones, B.A. (lecturers). In 1927 Miss P.A. Hamano joined the staff.
Teaching practice and special rural school work were carried on in schools in or near Ballarat - drawing, crafts and singing were taught by local teachers.
In 1927 the college moved to the former Ballarat East Town Hall (remodelled for their use) in Barkly Street. During 1927 the numbers in the College were augmented by twenty-six Manual arts students who had formerly received their training at Ballarat High School. Manual Arts students continued until 1930, when, on grounds of economy, their training was concentrated at Melbourne Teachers' College. During the four succeeding years approximately sixty students annually entered the primary course. Inclusive of Manual Arts students, and private fee-paying students, exactly 400 trainees passed through the college in its brief span of life (1926-1931)
Fourteen years were to pass before they were again opened to students on February 2nd, 1946. The college was re-commenced at S.S. Dana Street under the guidance of Mr W.F. Lord, M.C., M.M., B.A., Dip.Ed., (Acting Principal 1946-1950), and a staff consisting of Miss E.B. Hughes, B.A., Dip. Ed., Mr C.B. Bryan, B.A., V.Com., Dip.Ed., Miss M.H. Miller, L.Mus.A., and Miss G. Kentish, Dip.Phys.Ed. The opening ceremony was performed by the Minister for education at that time, the Hon. F. Field, M.L.A., accompanied by the Hon. T.T. Hollway, M.L.A., and the then Director of Education, Mr J.A. Seitz.
It was originally intended to cater for women students only (for whom 130 Victoria Street was purchased as a hostel) but, at the last moment, men were also accepted. A co-educational college was thus set up instead, and has continued as such.
The original Staff has been considerable augmented, and the number of Students has been more than trebled.
1951 saw the introduction of the two-year course, successful students being presented with the Trained Primary Teachers' Certificate at the final College assembly each year.
In December, 1855, College held its first Graduation Ceremony, with its own graduation hymn, the words of which were written by Miss C.M. (Mavis) Canty of the staff. Mr Ellwood, former Principal, delivered the occasional address and presented the Ellwood Prize to the outstanding student of the year (Mr C.P. Handreck). Students who had successfully completed the course received their certificates from Mr E.B. Pederick, Chief Inspector of Primary Schools.
College accomodation having been strained for several years, it was pleasant news when tenders were called in July, 1956, for the building of the first section of the new Ballarat Teachers' College in Gillies Street, near the Botanical Gardens. At the beginning of 1958 the new College was occupied, and staff and students have appreciated greatly the appointements and cacilities of the new building.
In 1968 the three-year Diploma Course began, co-existent with the other courses which will continue during the transitional period. Successful students in the course receive the Diploma of teaching (Primary).

Physical description

Orange and black soft covered booklet with a childlike image of a woman on the cover. The 44 page book is the handbook of the Ballarat Teachers' College and includes: history of the college, 1968 programme, courses, teaching Practice, practising school, classification, certification, Ellwood Prize, Lord Prize, hostels, college trips

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Inside front page signed "Peter Fryar".