Historical information

this ingot mould was used by the harrietville tronoh co. who operated the "tronoh" gold dredge from 1939 - 1954. this was the largest dredge in the southern hemisphere.when this dredge ceased operations it marked the end of dredging in the ovens valley.this dredge also brought electricity to harrietville.


This item is significant asit is the only one in existence .This has been confirmed by former staff members. This mould represents an era which was very important to the story of HARRIETVILLE. The "tronoh" dredge commenced operations at a time when mining was at a low point . It provided employment for up to 60 men at it's peak & also connected harrietville to the electricity grid. When the tronoh dredge ceased operations it marked the end of gold dredging in the ovens valley. The enviromental damage caused by this dredge was one of the reasons behind a failed attempt to redredge the valley in the early 1980s.

Physical description

cast iron gold ingot mould with handle at each end,trapezoidel in shape.

Inscriptions & markings

on inside base in relief in reverse 'H(T)L'