Historical information

This is a Certificate of Title for an acre of land in 'Tucker's Road' purchased by Jabez Gurr in 1881, in the area that was part of the Crown Block known as Henry Dendy's Special Survey 1841, in the Parish of Moorabbin, County of Bourke, Victoria. Following the 'Transfer of Land Statute' allotments in the area of Henry Dendy's Special Survey of 1841 were sold to early settlers.


This Certificate of Title shows the passage of history in Moorabbin Shire . Jabez Gurr, a wheelwright, of East Brighton, now Bentleigh East, purchased an acre of land in 'Tucker's Road' , near Centre Road, in 1881. In 1889 he sold to a produce merchant, Robert Smith, and in April 1916 this block was purchased by William Henry George Box, a market gardener and relative of William and Elizabeth Box, who owned the land until 1926. The land was then purchased by Charles John Greenlaw Coates and remained with this family until 1971. All these Family names appear on Councils and Community Boards during the foundation and development of City of Moorabbin

Physical description

3 photocopied pages of the Certificate of Title for approximately 1 acre of land near the corner of Centre Road and Tucker Road, Parish of Moorabbin, County of Bourke, Victoria that was part of the 5,120 acre Henry Dendy Special Survey in Brighton in 1841 and purchased in 1881 by Jabez Gurr. It records subsequent proprietors up to 1971

Inscriptions & markings

Stamped CANCELLED 12 OCT 1994 (top Right) / Entered in the Register Book / Vol.1245 Fol. 248877/ signed Henry Crowe / Assistant Registrar of Titles / Coat of Arms / VICTORIA / Certificate of Title / UNDER THE ' TRANSFER OF AND STATUTE' /dated ' eleventh day of April one thousand eight / hundred and eighty one' / signed 'Henry Crowe' / Assistant Registrar of Titles/ ENCUMBRANCES REFERRED TO / circular Stamp 'OFFICE OF TITLES VICTORIA' / Drawn and shaded on the left side is the area of land in "Tucker's" Road 3331/3 links fro Centre Road, 150 links x 6662/3 links / The measurements are in links