Historical information

This item relates to methods of reproducing photos on all forms of material in an era of physical offset printing.The offset method is being replaced by digital transfer direct to the final product,(paper or other porous and non porous surfaces). Newspapers and other "paper" information publications are still producing "hard copies" but these are slowly being phased out. This item was used Circa 1920s in the peek period of paper based media. From the 1940s radio and then television stepped into the mass media revolution.


This book was produced when all printing, Government and private enterprise, was using the "off set" method. This method was used to a great degree in all schools within the Kiewa Valley. It was in an era before "photo-copying machines" were available. This was a period when printing inks for larger printing machines had to be purchased from specialised outlets and printing presses required to be washed after each "run" of printing before the next plate(aluminium) could be fastened onto the "off sett" machinery. Heat infusion now used in large machines and domestic printers has superseded this task.

Physical description

Faded green cloth covered book with green papered front and back sleeve pages.Photos and sketches are throughout the book. Gloss paper used from page 1 one to page 400. Pages 401 to page 432 are not gloss paper. The type of paper varies throughout the book until final advertisement and index pages, from page 833 to page 846, are on gloss paper

Inscriptions & markings

The spine cover is badly worn and wording is faded. Front cover has"Commercial Engraving And Printing" Author and publisher details written by Charles W. Hackleman. Published by Commercial Engraving Publishing Company, "A Manual of Practical Instruction and Reference Covering" Commercial Illustrating and Printing by all Processes.