Historical information

The Ballarat Junior Technical School was established in 1913, and was a division of the Ballarat School of Mines. According to 'The Australasian' of 31 July 1915 sixty students of the Ballarat Junior Technical School made all the items depicted in the photograph.

Physical description

Black and white photograph mounted onto a brown card showing the interior of the Ballarat School of Mines Carpentry Building. It shows the war efforts of Sloyd students at the Ballarat Junior Technical School. Numerous foot stools, foot warmers, tables and seats were made by student to send to the front during World War One. Teacher Albert Steane stands on the left (2nd to the left of the Red Cross sign). From the second timber support beam V. Maddison stands 4th to the right and F.N. Ling 6th to the right of the beam.