Historical information

In 1918 the Ballarat Junior Technical School Cadets were the champions of the Maryborough, St Arnaud, Mildura, Colac and Ballarat Districts.

According to Neil Leckie, Manager of the Ballarat Ranger Military Museum:
* Originally 12 – 14 year olds went to Junior Cadets attached to their school.
* From age 14 – 17 they were Senior Cadets attached to the local militia unit.
* After 1 July of the year a Cadet turned 18, the Cadet left the Senior Cadets and became a member of the Citizen Military Force.
* In October 1918 the AIF, Militia and Cadets were renamed to give some connection to the AIF battalion raised in the area.

Ballarat saw:
8th Australian Infantry Regiment comprising:
* 8th Battalion AIF renamed 1st Battalion 8th Australian Infantry Regiment
* 70th Infantry Militia renamed 2nd Battalion 8th Australian Infantry Regiment
* 70th Infantry Cadets renamed 3rd B, 8th Australian Infantry.

39th Australian Infantry Regiment comprising:
* 39th Battalion AIF renamed 1st Battalion 39th Australian Regiment
* 71st Infantry Militia renamed 2nd Bn, 39th Australian Infantry Regiment
* 71st Infantry Cadets renamed 3rd Bn, 39th Australian Infantry Regiment

Prior to the reorganisation in 1918 the 18th Brigade was the 70th, 71st and 73rd Infantry. It is thought that the 18th Brigade Cadet units in 1920 were those that came from the old:
* 69th Infantry (Geelong/Queenscliff)
* 70th Infantry (Ballarat/Colac)
* 71st Infantry (Ballarat West)
* 72nd Infantry Warrnambool)
* 73rd Infantry (NW Vic)

The next name change came in 1921!

The Ballarat Star, Saturday 22 June 1918, Page 4
Junior Technical School Cadet Team.
The Ballarat Junior Technical School Cadet Team, which was very successful in the competitions recently held at Colac, hopes to be able to compete in similar events at Maryborough. Mildura, and St. Arnaud, but unfortunately they have no funds available for the purpose. An appeal is to be made to the citizens of Ballarat to assist them in defraying the cost of their participation in the competitions at the places mentioned.

The Ballarat Star, Saturday 6 July 1918, Page 3
Maryborough, Friday,
The following were the principal results of the events held here on the occasion of the handing over of' the 1900 quota of cadets to the Citizens' Forces, the ceremony in connection with which' was supplemented by arranging a programme of military events.
Rifle Exercises, - Ballarat Technical School (85 pts:). l; St: Arnaud (75 pts.). 2; Maryborough High School (68 pts.). 3. Maryborough (66 pts), also competed.
Despatch Race. 400 yards— Maryborough (No. 1); 1; Ballarat Technical School, 2.
Squad Drill with Arms — Ballarat Technical. School (85. pts): 1; St. Arnaud (72 pts.) 2; Maryborough High School (70- pts), 3. Maryborough No. 1 (68 pts.) 3.
Night Alarm: — Ballarat Technical School (3 min. 35. sees), 1; Maryborough High School (4 min. 4 secs), 2; Maryborough No. I (3- min 50 secs), 3. St. Arnaud (4 min. 10 secs).
Placing Indian Club. — Maryborough No. 1,1; Ballarat Technical School, 2
Physical Training. Ballarat Technical School (85 pts), 1 ; Maryborough High School, (76 pts). 2; St. Arnaud (70. pts), .3.
Tunnel Ball: Maryborough No. 2, 1'; Ballarat Technical School, 2; St. Arnaud; 3.
Chase Ball in Two Lines.— Ballarat Technical School. 1; Maryborough; 2.
Obstacle Race.. — Sergeant C. F. W. Krahnert (Ballarat), 1; T. Brown (High School) 2;
Aggregate Points — Following are the aggregate points scored by the four leading teams :— Ballarat Technical School; 21; Maryborough. 9; Maryborough High School, 6; St. Arnaud 6.
The Ballarat Star, Monday 28 October 1918, Page 4.
Junior Technical School Cadet Team.
—The Junior Technical School's cadet team, which won the championship at the South street competitions this year, was tendered a dinner by the staff in appreciation of the honor they
had brought to the school. The function was held at Miss Brazenor's tea rooms, and a most dainty repast was served, the tables being arranged in the artistic fashion which is characteristic of these ladies.
Mr W. H. Middleton (president of the School of Mines), Mr H. Smith (principal of the Art School), Lieut. P. Miller (instructor of the High School team), and Sgt. S. Fry were also present. Mr A. W. Steane (head master of The Junior Technical School) presided.
After the toast of the King, Mr Middleton proposed, and Mr H. Smith supported, the health of the team and their instructor, Lieut. H. Wakeling, who suitably responded. The toast of the High School team was proposed by Mr. R. Cutler.; and Lieut D. Miller responded.
The cup won at the recent competitions was then handed over to Mr - Steane; in accepting the
trophy, said he was pleased to see swell a clean, sportsmanlike spirit between the rival teams. He hoped it would continue. He was proud to accept the cup from the team for the school.

The Ballarat Star, Monday 12 April 1920
On Saturday afternoon the championship of the 18th Brigade was decided as a preliminary to the State Championship, which will be held on the M.C.C. ground, Melbourne, on Anzac Day. Results, after a keen contest :
Ballarat High School .... 1,
Junior Technical School .. 2
As a result of this competition, High
School will represent the 18th Brigade which embraces Ballarat, Geelong, Colac and the Western District, in the State event.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of 23 men in military uniform. Most wear a slouch hat, with the number 71 on the hat band. Two trophies are positioned in the front. Four men in the front row hold rifles.
Back: R. Hirt; Percy Trompf; J. Nicholls; Robert Serjeant; J. Jones; A. Hannah; A. Duncan; L. Lindsay.
Centre: H. Ashley; H. Beanland; J. Finlayson; F. Larkin; G. Chambers; A. McCallum; T. Shattock; E. Rowsell.
Front: Sergeant A. Roe; John Dulfer, Major Tucker; Lieutenant Harold Wakeling; Sergeant-Major Reeves; Sergeant K. Krahnert; W. Middleton.
.1) Mount and frame are wood grain. Top right hand corner of frame is chipped.
.5) Framed black and white print of 1918 Ballarat Junior Technical School senior cadet team. 23 men in uniform.

The St Arnaud event was for boys born in 1900 (the Quota). They would turn 18 in 1918.

Inscriptions & markings

.2) Reverse of photograph - "Ballarat Tech School Cadet Corp, 1918 / H Wakeling in charge / Photo property of H. Beanland / A Williams not in photo / H Wakeling & A Williams completed teacher training courses as I did but were 3 or 4 years my senior."
.5) Top of mount - "Ballarat Junior Technical School Senior Cadet Team / champions 1918" Bottom of mount - "Winners of Following Competitions:- Stawell Colac Maryborough St Arnaud Mildura South Street "A" Grade"