Historical information

The machinery in this photo shows a Tournapull C earth moving machine, one of many during this period Circa 1950 - 1960s when hydro electricity powered turbines were being constructed in both the Victoria and New South Wales Alps. This was Australia's answer to a non polluting supply of electricity for a fast growing city population. It was at this time that air pollution from coal powered furnaces was becoming more and more under attack by health authorities.


This item is part of a visual account of the construction of dams and hydro electricity facilities during the early 1950s. It was the beginning of the environmental push not to allow the degrading of Australian Alpine regions. Air pollution of the major cities and the increase in power demands of both industries and population within them required an alternative pollution free alternative electricity supply. These for runners of Hydro electricity generators required both large supplies of machinery and human resources. This construction phase within the region brought not only tradesmen but also unskilled workers to an area which had mainly had farming and mining activities. It was the catalyst for the creation of the smaller towns/villages e.g. Bogong Village, Mount Beauty and Bright.

Physical description

Black and white photograph on Kodak Xtralite II paper.(gloss)

Inscriptions & markings

paper marking on back Kodak Xtralite II paper