Historical information

This ACME portable clothes wringer could be attached to a wash trough or hand washing machine to remove excess water from the washing. It was much less cumbersome that the earlier Mangles used for this purpose


Most homes of 20th C in City of Moorabbin would have had one of these ACME wringers . It greatly eased the washday burden of the women. The Exchange Hotel Nepean Highway Cheltenham was a well established meeting place for Moorabbin Shire settlers by 1915

Physical description

A metal clothes wringer with side hand crank and 2 rollers that could be attached by screw clamps to a wash trough or washing machine for removing excess water from washing. The pressure of 2 rollers was controlled by a screw on the top of machine that could be loosened or tightened according to the material being passed through.

Inscriptions & markings

ACME 14 INCH / on hand crank is list of patents for Great Britain, USA, Aust. NZ, Germany, Belgium, Sweden