Historical information

The concertina was owned by Simon McDonald. He gave the concertina to Myrtle Porter in exchanged for town water. Simon McDonald lived in Melbourne Rd., Creswick.


Simon McDonald (1906 - 1968) was a noted self taught Australian folk musician whose home was in Creswick. Consider in the industry as the most important.

Physical description

20 Button Anglo Concertina & Case. Hexagon shaped Concertina. Both sides have fretwork and 10 bone buttons making it a 20 plus single button Anglo concertina. The leather straps have at sometime been replaced with white plastic strap. It has 5 bellows in black and white pattern leather. The hexagon wood case is lined, although the lining is showing wear.

Inscriptions & markings

One side: small disc with Lachenal & Co., Patent Concertina Manufacturers, London.
Opposite side: Initials on red card J.W.G