Historical information

Crib Pail owned by John Tom Clifton. His mother Frances Clifton re-married after his death to Thomas Harvey and it was held by the Harvey family It was loaned by Leonard Harvey to the organisers of the Great Australasia Mining Disaster Centenary Committee 1982 but then presented by his family to the museum in his memory.


It is the only known article from the New Australasian No.2 Gold Mining Disaster. It was reported that three were removed from the mine at the time of the disaster. The Bellingham Billy rusted when left in a shed. Manley's was believed to have been lost

Physical description

The round crib pail is made of tin and is badly rusted. A crib pail was used by miners to carry their food down the mines. The lid is missing. This pail was taken down the mine by John Tom Clifton and he wrote a message on it before he died in the New Australasian No.2 Gold Mining Disaster 1882.

Inscriptions & markings

It was known to have the following inscription "Goodbye dear mother, sisters and brothers: Philippa my dear girl. John Tom Clifton" but is not readable .