Historical information

Alexander Peacock and Millie Holden married on January 1st 1901 the day of Australian Federation. The names listed on the illuminated address were all prominent men in the Borough and Shire of Creswick. John English, John Leishman, Jonah Ward, William Thomas, W. Davies, J. Tait, H. Hammon, D. Luttet, L.D. Watson, D. McGarth, G. Maughan,

Physical description

Illuminated address to Hon. A.J. Peacock, Chief Secretary of Victoria. It has cameos of Creswick Town Hall, Peacock's home, Creswick Goldfields Hospital and gold mine. It has portraits of both Alexander Peacock and Millie Holden as printed on the announcement of their engagement. The address is signed by prominent citizens of Creswick.