Historical information

This item was manufactured in a period where the cheapest containers for portable equipment was canvas. The market place for cheap cameras was still restricted to European, England and its colonies. It was well before the post World War II explosion of the Asian manufacturing juggernaut.


This item shows one of the most popular avenues of not only bringing new "modern" age equipment into the Kiewa Valley but also providing the local market with actual overseas inexpensive merchandise. It was a time when the new European fashion and "new age" equipment took years to permeate into regional Australia. The world, through Australia eyes, was still a very large planet and supply of "modern" lifestyle equipment emphasised the geographic isolation of Australia. Post World War II emigrants and an increasing flow of tourists to Australia provided the contact needed by rural settlements to open up not only their social contacts but lifestyle activities.

Physical description

Canvas, yellow, cream in color and with a weave pattern on the external side. It has stitched brown laminated fabric boarders containing all ends and corners. A flap opening top fastened on one side by a large press stud (15mm). A brown coloured leather carry strap (adjustable and 10mm wide) fasted at either of the longitudinal ends of the bag.