Historical information

Pupils who listed World War 1.

Physical description

Wooden Board with 80 small glass panels holding photographs. Four wooden panels listing 157 names of the pupils in gold lettering with red cross against the names of the soldiers who were killed.

Inscriptions & markings

Top Creswick School Roll of Honour
Botton: A tribute to the Students of this school who served the Empire. The Great War 1914-1919.
Photos in LHS 1. JS Anderson 2 A Anderson 3 R Anderson 4 A Beckerleg, 5 R Bell 6 A Bernado 7 J Bernado 8 EG Booth 9 M Boradale 10 R Boradale 11 R Boradale 12 WJ Bowley 13 FA Canning 14 HGN Cassell 15 E Clarkson 16 A Clausen 17 V Crougey 18 HG Dean 19 W K Dean 20 CV Gardner 21 WG Gardner 22 RJ Gardner 23 EH Goats 24 R Gray 25 B Gray 26 AB Grose 27 CT Grose 28 BA Grose 29 JB Grose 30 W Hadler 31 W Hartley 32 GT Hewitson 33 CC Hewitson 34 W Howie 35 R Howie 36 C Howie 37 WH James 38 P Kennedy 39 WJ Lambert 40 A Lambert 41 F Lambert
RHS 42 H Lambert 43 WH McFarlane 44 VH Malone 45 PJA Malone 46 J Maughan 47 J Mendham 48 AE Merriman* 49 AC New 50 T New 51 W Parkes* 52 R Pasco 53 FH Pavarno 54 EP Pavarno 55 AB Peters* 56 G Petrie* 57 T Porter 58 G Porter 59 F Porter 60 H Praetz 61 R Praetz 62 S Reeves 63 W Sherriff 64 P Short 65 J Skewes 66 N Slade 67 JC Smith 68 J Still 69 GW Tait 70 DG Toohey 71 A Tonkins 72 SH Townshend 73 E Townshend* 74 HE Townshend 75 H H Townshend 76 S Treloar 77 RJ Ward 78 WE Westcott* 79 FC Whitfield* 80 AC Wisby* Writen Names T Anderson, T Arnold, S,D,G & W Barclay, G Beaucort, B Bentwich, J Berry, E&C Blake, S&A Bush, AF, WJW & R, Bowley, J,F & HB Brady, Alex Bowley, L Brotherton, JC Caddy*, J Canning, SF Carlyon, R Chaulkey, F Clausen, F*,G & J Clifton,V Creati,B Crosbie, H* & V Clover, A Chandler, J&G Davidson, S Dean, W Denny, W Digby, C Douglas D,H* & J Drummond, G Donald*, JP Dooley, W*&A Edmends, Percy Ellis, P,SW & T Ellis, A Egglestone, W & R Fricker, A,C & Clive Falla, G Fricker, A* & W Gibson, H Gardner, EJA Gray, WEC, N & H Grose, H Green, M Glass, FP Grady, W Hadler, W Hartley, N&T Hammon, H & J Harris, W & L Hartland, R Hawkey, PA Hertford, T Hogo, R Forrestor, A,F & N James, J Jebb, Alex,A & FT Johnson, WE Jordan, P Jory, E Jane, HC,RJ & JW Kelly, A King, S knight* M Lang(Sister), Clint'n Lavas, Mat Lang, C&TJ Liddicoat, RG* & ED Lindsay, W Little, L Lucas(navy), W & C Mann, WHS Merriman, J Mitchell, S Northcott, S New, W Nicholas, V Northcott, L Orange, JT & HC Packham, E Pearce, E Pilling, J Praetz, R Williams, AM & F* Robertson, A Romeo, J Rowe, H Russell, H & C Woods, C Sandford, G Sherriff, W & F Smith, J & R Snell, A & J* Spence, W Stephenson, J A Still, W,WL & AJ Surredge, J Shaw, Jas Wisby, A Treeby, F Tregonning, FL & W Treloar, A Tremearne, R Tilt, H Vague, A Wade, H Wall, BT,IW & J Ward, J,M & O Whatman, D Wilson, H & A Wood, DG Wormald, A Wright, L Watt, A Whitfield*.