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Churchill Island Six Pound Cannon

From the Collection of Churchill Island Heritage Farm 1 Samuel Amess Drive Newhaven Victoria

Cannon mounted on wooden carriage with loading shaft.
Barrel length 175 cm; bore 10 cm
Object Registration
churchill island, cannon, shenandoah, samuel amess, woolamai house, cleeland
Historical information
Samuel Amess placed the cannon on Churchill Island, claiming that it had been given to him by Captain Waddell of the Confederate ship Shenandoah in return for hospitailty during the ship's time in Melbourne in 1865. John Cleeland, who built Woolamai House on Phillip Island, claimed that it was firstly given to him. Research into the voyages of the Shenandoah give no evidence for this and suggest it was unlikely to have come from the Shenandoah or its prizes. Investigation by the Victorian Conservation Trust in 1982 to identify the manufacture and provenance of the cannon proved fruitless. A summary of the research evidence and arguments is given in "The Churchill Island Cannon: History and Mystery" by David Maunders on
(Friends of Churcill Island website).
When Made
Possibly 1860s
Inscriptions & Markings
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:12AM