Historical information

This photo is of a ward - probably the female ward, as there a many floral arrangements - of the original hospital at Tawonga. This was situated at the corner of Ryders Lane and Kiewa Valley Highway. The building was transported from Bonegilla where it was originally a part of the Bonegilla Military Hospital. The hospital was opened on 24th September, 1949 with a capacity of 12 beds, but was later increased to 35 beds by enclosing the verandahs on 3 sides of the building.
'Add ons' provided theatre, offices, stores and a nurses home. Construction was commenced by the Hospital and Charities Commission with considerable input from the S.E.C., providing the removal and re-erection of the building, the accommodation for nursing staff and carried all work necessary to make the building operational as a hospital. Up until this time the nearest hospital was at Yackandandah. The hospital remained on this site until 1961 when a larger, more suitable building was purchased in Mt. Beauty from the S.E.C.


A photographic record of a typical open plan style ward in that era. There were no private rooms. There are portable screens stored at the end of the room to provide "privacy" at the bedside when needed. There is a fan on the wall for cooling. Depicts the rather primitive conditions of that era when compared with todays standards.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of a ward in the Tawonga District Hospital