Historical information

After the storming of the Eureka Stockade on 03 December 1854 a number of reward posters were posted for the capture of rebellion leaders.

Frederick Vern was born in Hanover. A reward of 500 pounds was offered for his reward. This was the greatest of all the reward posters (ie a reward of 400 ounds was offered for Lalor and Black). It is not known why Vern was targeted with the high reward value, but it was probably something to do with the fear of the preceived foreigners at the time.

The poster gives a description of Vern: "Tall, about 5 feet 10 1/2 inches, long light hair falling heavily on the side of his head, little whisker, a large flat face, eyes light grey or green and very wide asunder. Speaks with a strong foreign accent. A Hanoverian by birth, about 26 years of age."

Physical description

Printed copy of the post Eureka Stockade reward poster for the apprehension of Frederick Vern. The posters were reproduced in the 1887 edition of Withers 'History of Ballarat'.