Historical information

After the Eureka Stockade the government offered a reward for the leaders of the rebellion.

Peter Lalor's name is incorrectly spelt 'Lawlor' in the poster, which suggests the correct pronunciation of Lalor.

Physical description

A Eureka Stockade reward poster as reproduced in Withers 'History of Ballarat'. The poster is black on white and relates to a 400 pound reward offered for Peter Lalor and Black after the Eureka Stockade.

Peter Lalor is described as 5 feet 11 inches in height, age 35, dark hair, whiskers dark brown and shaved under the chin, no moustache, long face, rather good looking, and is a well made man.

Black is described as over 6 feet tall, straight figure, slight build, bright red hair worn in a general rather long and brushed backwards, red and large whiskers, meeting under the chine, blue eyes, large thin nose, ruddy complexion, and rather small mouth.