Historical information

The logos on the breast pocket of these two blazers is CTS for Collingwood Technical School which dates from 1912 to 1969. From 1970 CTS changed its name to Collingwood Technical College.

Physical description

Two Collingwood Technical School blazers.

One has an epaulette on each shoulder with two gold stripes on each, and has a manufacturer's label from 'waldron's / SCHOOLWEAR' and is a size 13.

The second blazer has a Form Captain badge and an SRC (Student Representative Committee) badge on the lapel, and has a manufacturer's label 'School Master / by kingswear' and is a size 17.

Both blazers have CTS logos on the breast pocket, and both have another label which reads The FAMOUS / Doctor / FLANNEL / AUSTRALIAN WOOL BUREAU / GOLD MEDAL WINNER / ALL PURE WOOL / MOTHPROOFED'

Inscriptions & markings

School logo on pocket