Historical information

This photograph was taken during construction of the Rocky Valley Dam and wall. Work was commenced in early 1947 but had to be suspended during winter and then resumed in October. Work continued in 1948 with the establishment of work facilities and, at the dam site, the river was diverted through a temporary pipeline. Rocky Valley and associated spillway and outlet works were completed in 1959.


A pictorial record of the construction of the rock and earth filled dam wall at Rocky Valley. Shows the extent of the project undertaken and the fact that a lot of the work was done manually by pick and shovel - note the workmen using picks and sledge hammers on the lower half of the photo.

Physical description

A black and white photograph showing the excavation of the dam at Rocky Valley looking towards Heathey's Spur

Inscriptions & markings

Hand written on the back of photograph in blue ink "Rocky Valley showing dam excavation"