Historical information

Harry Holmes and his battalion friends photographed aspects of their time on the Suez Canal, Egypt.

Egypt was a major base for the AIF from December 1914. A number of campaigns were fought in this theatre. There were two campaigns involving the AIF. Note that not all the fighting was actually geographically in Egypt. (http://www.aif.adfa.edu.au:8888/about3.html)


This photograph is significant because it was taken by a soldier (rather than an official war artist) and shows one of the day to day activities experienced by Australian Soldiers in Egypt during World War One.

Physical description

1) Four Australian soldiers during World War One in Egypt

.2) Soldiers watch while two men 'fight' on a greasy pole during World War One

.3) Australian soldiers stand at the grave of a German Officer at the Suez Canal, Egypt

Inscriptions & markings

.2) Verso - "greasy Pole Fight"

.3) verso: - Snap taken at grave of German officer killed in the first tussel (sic) with Turk at the Canal