Historical information

This item was donated as a photograph of Louisa Morrison. Louisa (or Luisa) Rosanna Morrison nee Haag came from an early settler family in the farming community of Wandin. The woman photographed is in her old age. If this is indeed Louisa Morrison, the photograph would date from the early 1940s, since she died in 1946 at the age of 70. However the costume and the style of the photo suggest an earlier date, possibly the early 1900s. This could be Louisa's mother, Emma Martha Haynes, or mother-in-law Margaret (McNeil) Morrison. The woman is shown in a garden, probably because the family were farmers/orchardists. Louisa married Daniel McNeil Morrison, who was nine years her senior , in 1900. They had four children and farmed Morrisons' Orchard in Old Hereford Road, Mt Evelyn.
The Morrison home was to become the important community house in Mt Evelyn, Morrison House. Morrison Reserve is part of their land, as was Yarra Hills Secondary College, Mt Evelyn Special Developmental School and the Reserve and Athletics facilities, including a tennis club. In 1981 the land title was changed to the Shire of Lillydale, who purchased the land and established the Morrison House Community House from 1976 (ie before they legally owned the land).


This picture is of social significance as it is the only reputed picture of Louisa Morrison nee Haag.

Physical description

Brown round cornered frame with gold colour on inner frame. Painted plaster on frame chipped on top right. Coloured (painted) photograph of seated woman in upholstered chair with large brown cushion behind her. Garden setting. Black floor length dress, high necked, long sleeved. White cap on head. White cloth showing at neck.

Inscriptions & markings

Bottom right hand corner, signature "F. RAPHAEL".
Reverse: four inscriptions, one on each straight side, stamped in ink. Top: "MADE IN / AUSTRALIA". Right side: "THIS MOUNTING IS SPECIALLY DESIGNED AND / SELECTED WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS / GUARANTEED". Bottom: Table, 1 row, 2 columns. 1st cell: "STYLE / 1". 2ND CELL: "PRICE / 3 GNS". Left: box with 2 columns, 1 row. Left most column is divided horizontally into two, as is the 2nd column, but at a lower level. This creates four cells. Top left: "STYLE 1". Bottom left "PRICE 2 GNS". Top right: "TO BE SOLD AT PRICE MARKED OPPOSITE ONLY ON CONDITION THAT SAME IS MOUNTED ON ONE OF OUR SAMPLE STUDIES". Bottom left: "EMPIRE ART COMPANY LIMITED".