Historical information

Dick Richards was a member of the Shackleton Trans Antarctic Expedition Ross Sea Shore Party. He later became Principal of the Ballarat School of Mines.

The text for this book was typed by Ballarat School of Mines librarian Heather Durant, who remembered that at times it was difficult to read the writing due to whale blubber oil from the lamps on the paper. Heather was told that Dick Richards only started keeping the diary when ther became a chance the Ross Sea Shore Party may not survive. Heather remembered Dick Richards affectionately - he always carried a pipe and called her 'girlie'.

Physical description

Blue hard covered book of 14 pages. It is the verbatim copy of the diary kept by Dick Richards from 23 February 1916 to 19 March 1918, during the Shackleton trans-antarctic Expedition 1914-17.

Inscriptions & markings

Bookplate inside cover - "Ex Libris School of Mines and industries. Presented by Mr R.W. Richards"