Historical information

This particular edition was published in a period (1950s), when textbooks for primary and secondary schools were published by London based publishing houses such as LONGMAN. This particular publishing house brand is now only used by the Longman Schools in China. This reference book was one of the basic reading material for students learning the "English" language opposed to the "Americanised English". The two versions of English now in use are mainly influenced by the greater influx of American based media and the internet. At the time of this publication however print media was at its peak and the English used was from the United Kingdom. Although the written language is in English, the majority subject matter is of Australian origin.


This text book is very significant in demonstrating the type of English taught in rural schools during the period and before the internet and the American based spell check programs now in use. The subtle changes in both the spoken and written English, due to the modern internet facilities, can be seen by the "texting" language of school aged students, post "world wide web" and mobile telephones. This English text book is a moment in time, when the isolation of rural communities had greater affect upon the standard of both the written and spoken language. It was a time when Britain was still thought of as "the mother land" and the English used was that brought to Australian by the original settlers and over time developed an "Australian flavour".

Physical description

Plastic covered soft green colored cardboard cover in black print. Pages (150) are printed in black ink on both sides and in different fonts.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover "INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH" underneath "J. Aughterson" underneath a squiggle of three half circles. underneath "LONGMANS". Spine: "AUGHTERSON INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH LONGMANS"