Historical information

A start on the construction of Bogong Creek race line was made at the commencement of winter in 1948. Work proceeded in the following years when work on the High Plains was not practicable. In January, 1951 the special trimming machine, the special slip form and concrete mixing and placing equipment was put into service. A shortage of cement caused some delays as well as a sudden financial recession. The race line was completed and put into service in 1952.


An historical record showing the machinery used , the number of workers needed at any one time ( about 16 in this photo) and the mountainous terrain of the area.

Physical description

Black and white photograph taken during construction of Bogong Creek Raceline, showing the type of machine used for the formation of the concrete lining, the mountainous terrain, a number of workmen and a snow capped Mt. Bogong in the background

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on the back of photograph in black ink "Bogong Creek race line".