Historical information

This photograph forms part of the collection that has been accumulated at the Mission to Seafarers Victoria. It demonstrates that that there was an ample library once in use at the Mission.
The photograph is thought to have been taken in the Chaplain's office next to the chapel.

The photograph is part of a serie likely to have been taken by Bill Doyle (Reverend C.J. Eldridge-Doyle), who was a keen photographer like many of the chaplains as he often uses the Ilford paper to print his images.


Reading have always been an incentive at the Mission, and books were always made available to seafarers insiste or brought on board ships via reading parcels.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of two men in the chaplain's library. The man on the left of the frame is putting a book back on the shelf and the man to the right of frame appears to be be reading a book.

Inscriptions & markings

Number 3 (in circle) handwritten in black ink on reverse of photograph in top right-hand corner. Reverse side also includes a numerical stamp of "1940". Ilford is étampes on the paper.