Historical information

In 1906 the Ballarat Progress Association commissioned Powell and Co. to publish a booklet called Guide to Ballarat the Beautiful.This booklet contained many photographs (including coloured photography) and description of businesses and icons of which inhabitants of the city could be proud.
Berry, Anderson & Co. were commissioned to produce: 1918 Beautiful Ballarat: The City of Charm & Beauty and 1923 Beautiful Ballarat: The City of Charm and Beauty.
The card was made out to Frederick Martell who was registrar of the School of Mines Ballarat (SMB).
W. Coulthard was secretary of the Ballarat Progress Association

Physical description

Two cream cards with black print and some hand writing
12067.1 Cream front and verso
12067.2 Light brown with cream strip on right hand side , cream verso

Inscriptions & markings

12067.1 24 Sept 07 hand written in black ink towards top right hand side of card.
"Election of officers etc" hand written towards bottom middle of card. "Mr Martell" hand written in black ink on verso
12067.2 "June 10th 1907 hand written in black ink on front. Mr Martell handwritten in black ink on back