Historical information

The lapel badge was worn to signify membership of the Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild. This badge was issued to honorary workers. In the earliest days this status indicated the member as a 1 guinea subscriber to The Harbour Light Guild. "Worker" members subscribed just a shilling but were required to contribute time at the Mission with hosting and facility maintenance. The form of logo indicates this badge as possibly dating back to the 1930s.

Donated by Rosalea Greenwood


The Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild was instrumental in securing funds to construct the current building at 717 Flinders Street. They were also dedicated volunteers who organised many social functions and events to offer visiting seafarers an opportunity to relax, have fun and socialise away from the ship. The LHLG which became known as the harbour Lights Guild after WW2 amalgamated with the Flying Angels in the 1960s, therefore these badges are primarily of historical interest.

Physical description

Small round lapel badge denoting Ladies Harbour Lights Guild and its association with Mission to Seamen (Mission to Seafarers). The badge incorporates the logo flag of Mission to Seamen. This badge is for an "honorary worker".

Inscriptions & markings

Gold lettering around the edge of the badge: "HONORARY WORKER" Gold lettering inside central Mission flag: "THE MISSION/TO SEAMEN"