Historical information

The motor cars in this photo enable a fairly accurate dating: perhaps to the 1950s. The clothes in the somewhat blurry figures in the background also suggest the 1950s, and also suggest the winter season. The photo is taken from a vantage point used by a succession of photographers, and the growth of Ararat can be ascertained from this succession of photos.


Langi Morgala museum holds a succession of photos taken from this same vantage point, which allows a comparison of the main street of Ararat over 100 to 150 years. The growth and decline of businesses and perhaps government buildings can also be ascertained. Because of this comparison value, this photo is of regional significance.

Physical description

This is a relatively modern photo, perhaps a copy of an older photo. Some of the details are very clear, and there are no obvious tears or spots.

Inscriptions & markings

No inscriptions