Historical information

In 1967 the site for the Mt Helen Campus was selected and purchased to permit the tertiary division of the Ballarat School of Mines - the Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education (BIAE) to move from the crowded Lydiard Street site, to occupy new accommodation designed for the purpose. The brief given to the campus master planners called for the creation of a modern, attractive, efficient and stimulating concept. It called for careful landscaping and enhancement of the environment, but above all it demanded flexibility for an unpredictable future. During 1974 major new directions were made at Government level quite beyond the scale of change that had been foreseen in 1967. This change was to be that of merging BIAE and the State College of Victoria at Ballarat (formerly Ballarat Teachers' College) into one large new college of broadened scope. By the end of 1974 joint committees representing the still separate, autonomous Councils of the two institutions had agreed on the means of achieving the merger to the extent that a new brief as prepared and given to G.J. Harrison, one of the original master planners who had been chosen to revise the plan to meet the new needs.

Physical description

Yellow soft covered book of 63 pages.