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Glider – Sailplane

From the Collection of Australian Gliding Museum 20 Jensz Road Parwan Victoria

This is a two seat high wing aircraft of mainly wood and fabric construction. The cockpit area of the fuselage is fabric over tubular steel framing.
Object Registration
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Historical information
The Schneider ES50 Club was built in 1953 and is the only one of its type. It was designed by Schneider to comply with specifications laid down by the Gliding Federation of Australia for a basic two seat training glider*. It was first flown on 10 May 1953 and delivered to the Renmark Gliding Club. The log book shows that it later passed to other gliding clubs, namely Millicent Gliding Club, Corangamite Soaring Club, Sydney Technical College Gliding Club. Overall, as at September 1967, the glider had logged over 5000 flights and a total airtime of 388 hours.

The Museum volunteers have partly refurbished the ES50 to static display standard.

[*Plans were also prepared for a single seat version which never eventuated]
When Made
Made By
Edmund Schneider Pty Ltd (Maker)
This glider is one of Edmund Schneider Pty Ltd earliest Australian designs. However, it was a later Schneider design, the ES 52 Kookaburra, which was accepted by many Australian gliding clubs for filling their need for a basic two seat training glider in the 1950s and 1960s.

Inscriptions & Markings
Given serial number 3 by manufacturer and registered as VH-GHP
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11 Aug 2020 at 3:08PM