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Syringe and Needle Kit for Visiting Nurses circa 1900.

From the Collection of Alfred Hospital Nurses League-Nursing Archives Old Monash Medical School Building, Ground Floor Alfred Hospital 55 Commercial Road melbourne Victoria

Silver coloured metal flip up case containing a glass and metal syringe. A small glass vial containing 6 hypodermic needles. A further 6 vials with cork stoppers containing analgesic tablets to be dissolved in sterile water prior to administration.
There are 2 perished rubber washers used in the syringe and a wire stilette for needle cleaning.
H 8.5cms X W 5.0cms X D 2.0cms
Object Registration
injection kit, visiting nurse, alfred hospital
Historical information
Used by visiting trained nurses from The Alfred Hospital to administer medication in the patients home. The Alfred could provide these trained nurses as the Alfred began training nurses from 1880. The first training school in Victoria.
When Made
Circa 1900
Made By
Parke, Davis & Co. (Pharmaceutical Company.)
This rare item belonged to the sixth Matron of The Alfred 1912-1928, a beloved and eminent nurse of The Alfred Hospital
Inscriptions & Markings
On the base of the syringe and needle kit - Parke, Davis & Co. Pat Aug 1885.
Markings on the vials:
No 2 Apomorphine Hydrochlorate 1-10Gr
No 3 Atropine Sulphate 1-50 Gr.
No 5 Cocaine Hydrochlorate 1-4 Gr
No 13 Morphine sulphatw 1-4 Gr
No 16 Morphine sulphate 1-4 Gr & Atropine sulphate 1-150 Gr
No 72 Strychnine Nitrate 1-4Gr
Hypodermic Needles X 6
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