Historical information

The City of Moorabbin existed from 1934 until 1994. Henry Dendy's Special Survey in 1841 of 5,120 acres in the Parish of Moorabbin , extended from Port Phillip Bay , then East to Boundary Road, South to South Road and North to North Road and became known as Brighton. 1859 Brighton became a Borough with its boundary Thomas Street ,and Bluff Road. In 1862 The Moorabbin Roads Board was formed and the extended area now included Cheltenham, Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Mentone and Mordialloc .and Little Brighton became known as Bentleigh. In 1871 the area became known as The Shire of Moorabbin. Gradually the area was separated into The Borough of Sandringham 1917, ( Black Rock, Beaumaris , Sandringham and Hampton ) Borough of Mentone and Mordialloc 1920, ( Parkdale ). In 1934 The City of Moorabbin was established for the area from South East corner of Thomas Street and North Road , East to Warrigal Road, Clayton Road, Kingston Road , Lower Dandenong Road, then South along Nepean Highway to Balcombe Road and along Bluff Road, Cummins Road, Nepean Highway, Thomas Street to North Road
In the 1994 Amalgamation of Councils the City of Moorabbin was divided between the new City of Kingston in the South ( from South Road) and the new City of Glen Eira to the North . It was the largest Municipality in Victoria with a population of 118,865 in 1974


This tie c 1960 is a memento of the City of Moorabbin 1934 - 1994

Physical description

Maroon colour, polyester, man's tie with the crest of City of Moorabbin woven on front.

Inscriptions & markings

around circle enclosing Coat of Arms ; CITY OF MOORABBIN