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The Hong Kong Police Force (香港警務處, HKPF; HKP), also known as the Hong Kong Police, is the largest disciplined service under the Security Bureau of Hong Kong. It is the world's second, and Asia's first, police agency to operate with a modern policing system. It was formed on 1 May 1844, with a strength of 32 officers. Queen Elizabeth II granted the Royal Charter to the Hong Kong Police Force in 1969 for their handling of the Hong Kong 1967 riots—renaming them: the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. Following the transfer of sovereignty, the Force is once again named the Hong Kong Police Force.[1]
The current Commissioner of Police is Andy Tsang Wai-hung.[2] Including the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force and civil servants, the force consists of about 40,000 personnel; which gives Hong Kong the second largest citizen–police officer ratio in the world. In addition, the Marine Region with about 3,000 officers and a fleet of 143 vessels, is the largest of any civil police force.

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Wooden Plaque 15cm x x13cm

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Royal Hong Kong Police