Historical information

This annual report was one year before the opening of the new tertiary division at Mt Helen. Council decided to retain the overall title "The School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat" for the foreseeable future, but to separately name the three divisions as follows:
1. Diploma School - The Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education (A division of the School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat)
2. Trades School - The Ballarat School of Industries (A division of the School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat)
3. Secondary School - The Ballarat Technical School (A division of the School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat).

The annual report also foreshadowed the Centenary of the School (and technical education in Australia) in 1970.

Speaker at the trade Prize Night and Apprenticeship Week was W.J. Anderson, and Craftsmen Certificates were presented by the Ballarat City Council.

Physical description

A number of quarto pages with stapled inside a brown card cover. The report was for the year ended 30 June 1969, and was delivered by Ballarat School of Mines President M.B. John.

Page 5 lists the Diplomas awarded. Page 6 lists the scholarships, prizes and awards, including the Josephine Brelaz Scholarship, Martha Pinkerton Scholarship, Frank Pinkerton Scholarship, Mica Smith/Serjeant/Ironworkers Scholarship, Ballaarat Has Comapny Scholarship, Ballaarat City Council Scholarship, R.W. Richards Medal.

Page 8 covers buildings and accommodation. Conditions were cramped at Lydiard Street , with conditions hoped to be improved when the Stage I buildings at Mount Helen were completed in the following year.

Mount Helen Master Plan was undertaken by Joint site planners G.J. Harrison, staff architect at the Flinders University of South Australia. and messrs L.H. Vernon and associates, of Ballarat.

The following staff members retired: A.L.H. Aldersey; J.V. Crotty; M. Page; J.Ralston; P.J. Smith, P.B. Todd; Derek Wooley; Mr Goldfinch.
TRADE DIVISION: F.D. Hamilton, J. Moran, D.Drake

The following new lecturing appointments were made during the year: G.I. Boyd; E.W. Butters; D.R. Dowling; P.D. Kelly; G.J. medwell; R.E. Northey; C.A. Pogliani; R.H. Pyke; Roy Schrieke; B.J. Shearer, D.J. Stabb, T.W. Sweatman; A.C. Turner; D.G. Williams; C.M. McGarry.

The Computer centre was enlarged when Arch MacKinnon was transferred as Mathematics lecturer to Computer Manager. J.A. Wilson was the computer operator, and R. Kopke, E. Dykstra and V. Gay were Card Punch Operators.

Preliminary work on the new Brewing and Malting course was continuing, and plans were being made for the commencement of courses in Librarianship and General Studies.

A Halls of Residence Committee had held meetings to explore the type of student accommodation required.