Historical information

This certificate stub book contains the subject certificates of the graduates of the School of Mines and Indutsries, Ballarat, a predecessor of Federation University Australia.


This item highlights the subjects studied and graduates of the School of Mines between 1938 to 1964. It also records the change of cursive over that time.

Physical description

This book includes stubs of subject certificates from the School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat. This also contains a number of uncollected certificates. It is a brown hardback book with black binding. Its contents covers certificates between 1938 to 1964.

Names of recipients include: Charles Holt, Henry Elford, Irvin Singleton, J. H. Hughes, John Morcom, Alfred Amor, John Wastell, John Rudwick, Jared Hines, Harry Allan, L. F. J. Hillman, Arthur Davies, Letitia Stanley, Victor Wright,Raymond Ball, Mary O'Callaghan, Ethna Burke, Alec Foyster, James Duggan, Leonard Auchettl, Reeves Collins, James Patterson, Stanley Douglas Webb, Oswald Lyle, Marvis Orr, Eric Roberts, Jack Clennell, A. R. Millar, Heith Smyth, Walter Hines, Harold Leslie, Joseph Fisher, Geoffry Burns, Alick Dait, George Hill, Raymond Wines, Robert Manson, Albert O'Neill, Thomas Green, William Stargatt, William Harrison, Reginald Allen, Albert Wilson, Allan Curtis, Arthur Donald, John Wynn, Sydney Robinson, John Blackic, Percy Elsdon, Hubert Jenkins, Kingsley Callister, Douglas Hall, Norman Lawson, Winfield Tonkin, Artuhur Williams, Allan Curtis, Ernest, Billinge, John Daelon, Harold Bunting, Stanley Wilton, Robert Sugden, Heith Foster, Winsome Stevens, Herbert Stanbridge, Robert Pittard, Henry Brew, Ernest Berriman, Carlyle West-Onley, William Blackic, Lorna Dunstan, Cedric Pike, Stanley Jephson, Hugh Hendrick, Joseph Fisher, Ernest Grove, Ronald Fisher, Heith Halsall, Henry Harris, Maxwell Silvey, Stanley Trengove, Donald Trescowthick, Harold Tolliday, Russell Lucas, John Boyd, John Keys, Stanley Betteridge, Ernest Betteridge, Michael Ross, Robert Stewart, Joseph Beasley, William Beasley, Ray Deveson, George Hennessy, Charles Matthews, Maxwell Silvey, Ian Creek, Geoffrey Moorhouse, Hector Tonks, John Donald, Hugh Hendrick, Stanley Jephson, Ian McIntosh, Robert Nice, Ralph Scott, Walter Martin, Grant Coutts, Lindsay Hannah, John Tainsh, Hubert Robinson, John Donald, George Beaton, Heather Harris, Brian McCarthy, Samuel Perry, Valentine Pascoe, Philip McLean, Geoffrey Hewish, Hubert Robinson, John Borch, Frederick Gale, Ian Grundell, Albert Perry, Frank Hutchinson, Horace Shuttleworth, Kenneth Mason, David Hatt, Malcom Foster, George Jones, Graham McKinnon, Ronald Newton, John Betts, Leonard Wade, Robert McClure, David Beaumont, Leslie Powell, Samuel Perry, Donald Treweek, Edgar McArthur, Russell Fraser, Edgar McArthur Bartrop, Clive Carmichael, Leslie Fuhrmeister, Lindsay Coon, Zigurds Plavina, Victor Gingell, Rupert McKenna, Graham McKinnon, David Fairley, Johannes Meennen, Ronald Murphy, Johannes Naus, John McConville, Graham Melonie, William Cutter, Thomas Chalkley, Kenneth Morton, Stanley Shears, Robert Auld, Donald Campbell, John Cofield, Brian Whykes, William Milford, Noel Richards, Stewart Jacobs, James Robertson, Clement Rose, Eric Brown, Allan Raworth, Ernest Salter, Neville Cartledge, Peter Stacey, Robert McClure, Antonius Goossens, Rodney Cartledge, Rodney Hayes, Bevan Grigsby, James Robertson, Neil Stephens, John Riddle, Andreas Aaus, Bruce Fletcher, Keith Pedler, Allen Flavell, Robert Cartledge, Ronald Shaw, Kenneth Hibberd, William Lockland, Percival Bilney and Petrus Damen.

Uncollected certificates for James Patterson, Robert Sugden, Ernest Berriman, Stanley Jephson, Henry Harris, Maxwell Silvey, Joseph Beasley, Charles Matthews, Maxwell Silvey, Ian Creek, Geoffrey Hewish, Robert McClure, Kingsley Callister, Winfield Tonkin, Raymond Wines, Oswald Wilde and Kenneth Mason are included within.

The subjects covered include: Printing, mining, geology, metallurgy, mining geology, mine surveying, mechanics applied to mining, electric welding, machine shop practice, algebra, trigonometry, mechanics and heat, applied mechanics, heat treatment, graphics, oxywelding, engineering drawing, blacksmithing, shorthand theory advanced, shorthand speed, commercial English, intermediate English, plain dressmaking, dressmaking advanced, electric wiring, physics, electric technology, carpentry, machine shop, plumbing, trade science, carpentry and joinery, building construction, heat treatment, wiring, oxyacetylene welding, foremanship, turning and fitting, electric wiring, arithmetic, social studies, commercial correspondence, office routine, bookkeeping, typewriting, shorthand, electric refrigerator servicing, refrigeration, radio mechanics, trade maths, sheetmetal, wool sorting, motor mechanics, human relations in management and industrial supervision.

Many of the stubbs are signed by principal Dick Richards.

Inscriptions & markings

Each certificate is signed by the current principal of the School of Mines and Industries, Ballarat, and a number have also been signed by the students.