Historical information

Loren (formerly James Hogg's house) is a two-storey gabled prefabricated house, constructed using broad-gauge corrugated iron and was originally erected in 60-62 Curzon Street, North Melbourne in 1854 for builder, James Hogg. By 1968 the building had deteriorated and it was dismantled and moved to the Old Gippstown where it was re-erected and restored. The building's external framing system consists of exposed metal columns with Gothic panel motifs at the corners. Internally the timber framed walls have been finished with new papers over new Hessian. The corrugated iron roof has an unusual concave form and the windows, floors and doors are of moulded softwood.


State historic significance as a rare type of iron prefab. house. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and covered by a Heritage Overlay, Latrobe City Planning Scheme.

Physical description

Tall square-shaped two-storey corrugated iron building with a curved corrugated iron roof with two outside brick chimneys.